Well, it was about time! I was ecstatic when Valerie triumphantly punched Paulie G in the stomach after his being so mean to her all this time. I literally screamed "Yes!" And how classic that she was dressed as a cupcake when she did it. The whole sequence of Valerie punching Paulie G, him puking and then her puking after seeing him puke was just hilarious so funny I had to rewind twice. Other moments I enjoyed:
- Valerie first telling Jane "That was not good" after Jane told Tom and Paulie G that Valerie needed more lines and, after Jane got her way, Valerie saying "Good job, Jane. Well done!"
- Valerie asking Jimmy Burrows, the master of physical comedy, for some tips on her pratfall. "You're a giant cupcake. Fall backward it's always funnier."
- Valerie practicing her pratfall in her bedroom over and over again and her hubby Mark, of course, walking in.
- Valerie singing "I Will Survive" before and after being told she was sounding "too vanilla" and Mickey acting out the lyrics in the sound booth.
- Other Mickey Moments were his taking off all his jewelry before going through the metal detector and struggling to get his ring off "Shouldn't have had that bacon!"  plus his line to Valerie after the crew didn't laugh at her scene: "They're teamsters nothing's funny to them."
- Valerie's line at the end, after singing her mean version of "I Will Survive": "Angry hurts my throat!"

Next week: the season, or series, finale. Here's hoping it's the former because I, of course, want The Comeback to come back.