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He may have been wearing a white wig and going by the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but Justin Timberlake was very clearly taking a swipe at his own acting career during an unaired Saturday Night Live sketch.

The video, released Monday, shows Mozart telling his friends and colleagues he plans to take a break from music to become an actor (sound familiar?). Insert laughter and skepticism from his audience. "Surely you're joking. You're not one of those musicians who thinks they can act."

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Mozart then talks about his new play, a "com-rom," about a man and woman who are friends but decide to have relations (read: Timberlake's upcoming Friends With Benefits). "Like that one that just came out a few months ago, No Strings Attached?" someone asks. Mozart tries to also win them over with his recent role in a celebrated drama as "a young playboy who has fun at parties." He says the film will win awards, but will he? "You'd think to be nominated for a Globe, at least," Timberlake says, looking straight into the camera.

There's even a reference to Timberlake, er Mozart's, previous acting experience: the Austrian Mouse Club with little Beethoven and Ryan Gosling, and his well-reviewed turns on the Saturday Evening Farce. Unfortunately, his friends seem to have more faith in the career prospects of one Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber. "Why don't you just a wig on a chipmunk and train it to act like a black man?" he responds, before promising Bach he'll bring "sexy ... Bach" to the party.

Watch the full sketch: