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Saturday Night Live Cut a Sketch About a Pooping Teenage Centaur

Tim Meadows recalls his idea, which involved Christopher Walken

Liam Mathews

There are a lot of talented writers and performers competing for a limited amount of airtime on Saturday Night Live each week, and everyone involved with the show can tell you about funny stuff that never made it to air. Tim Meadows was on SNL from 1991 to 2000, so he probably remembers dozens of sketches he wanted to do but that never made it to air for one reason or another. The No Activity star told TV Guide about one of his favorites that never made it past dress rehearsal -- a hilarious-sounding character study of a young centaur starring himself and Christopher Walken.

"Nobody ever does any sketches about centaurs," the dryly hilarious Meadows remembers thinking. "So I wrote a sketch about a teenage centaur who was in high school and the coach wanted him to go out for the track team." You know, because he'd be faster than everyone on account of having the legs of a horse. But he was more interested in getting high and chasing girls than running for Coach Walken.

Meadows thought really deeply about the character. "One of the jokes of the sketch was that because he's half-horse, he poops as he's just talking to you," Meadows says. "And he doesn't pay any attention to it, because horses don't go 'oh, I just pooped.' They just poop and then they just keep walking or whatever they're going to do."

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Meadows is clear-eyed about why the sketch didn't make it: "It was ahead of its time."

Here's the kicker: it really was ahead of its time. SNL did end up doing a centaur sketch with Christopher Walken the year after Meadows left with Chris Parnell as a centaur on a job interview. That centaur, however, uses a toilet.

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