Tim Gunn by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo Photo Tim Gunn by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo Photo

With the Emmys red carpet right around the corner, glitz, glam and some major fumbles are imminent. That's why TVGuide.com went straight to the "make it work" fashion master Tim Gunn and his partner-in-crime Gretta Monahan (hosts of the upcoming season of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style premiering Thursday, October 2 at 11 pm/ET) for their red carpet predictions.

Though Gunn admitted every year is a crapshoot as far as who will be hit or miss on Sunday, the popular Project Runway mentor does have some theories on what we can expect. "People who were slammed on the red carpet last year will probably want to retaliate by looking the best," he said. "And those who looked the best can conceivably be a little cocky and think, 'I can get away with anything.' But you just don't know, and that's what I love about it."

Gunn's fashion accomplice Monahan did have some insider information on what we can expect to see. "From the little bits and bobs I've been getting from friends behind the scenes and hearing in the show rooms after fashion week, people are going to go a lot more dressed, with a really beautiful glamour quality to it," she said. "I think hair is going to much more polished and it seems like the gossip is people are going to go all out."

Gunn is eager to see numerous celebrities, including the Desperate Housewives, who "always make a splash," and of course fellow Runway star Heidi Klum who will serve as a co-host of this year's award show.

As far as the fashion we see on the celebrities while in character, Gunn and Monahan agree the best dressed cast on TV goes to Mad Men. "That show resonates style, and - it's retro style," Gunn said. "It's just so brilliantly presented."

On the flip side, when television characters are dressed sans style, Gunn acknowledges that it's a "calculated" decision, and therefore not up for critique. But the fashion guru did have one exception. "I'd like to get Charlie Sheen out of all those shorts!"

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