Tim DeKay Tim DeKay

AS FBI agent Peter Burke on USA's White Collar, Tim DeKay is usually the one handcuffing criminals. But for his upcoming guest appearance on Law & Order: LA, DeKay is the one with his hands tied, literally.

As the victim of a crime, DeKay's character is left locked on the floor of a bathroom with his hands, legs and mouth tied up. Although shooting the scene was far from easy, he says the tough circumstances helped him relate to the character.

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"As an actor, there are some things you have to work hard to give yourself what it would be like," DeKay says. "It wasn't difficult because these are extreme measures. You're taped up ... and it is an awful, confining, claustrophobic feeling."

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Law & Order: LA returns with two back-to-back episodes Monday at 9/8c on NBC.