Joely Fisher and Brad Garrett, <i>'Til Death</i> Joely Fisher and Brad Garrett, 'Til Death

After disappearing from the airwaves in early October, many thought Fox's 'Til Death was on its way to the grave. But that doesn't appear to be the case.

Fox has ordered 22 episodes of the Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher comedy, which will return next season. The new order brings the series' episode total to more than 80 — enough for an off-network syndication sale, which may have been a factor in the negotiations between Fox and Sony Pictures TV, the show's producers.

Fox has only aired seven of Season 3's 22 episodes, and thanks to a busy spring schedule featuring the returns of American Idol and 24, the remaining episodes have yet to be scheduled. The show could return later in the season with back-to-back originals.

This season saw a creative shift in the show, focusing more on Garrett's friendship with new cast member J.B. Smoove. The characters played by Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster were dropped.

Are you happy to see 'Til Death be brought back to life or should it have stayed buried?