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Tiger Woods said the reception he received "blew me away" during his first practice round at Augusta National in preparation for this week's Masters tournament.

Once Monday's news conference got under way, Woods answered questions that ranged from his injuries the night of his crash over the Thanksgiving holiday to his rehab stint — although he declined to say what the rehab is for.

"I was in there for 45 days to take a hard look at myself and I did. I've come out better," he said. "I have to still continue with my treatment and that's going forward."

Tiger Woods a "little nervous" about response to his golf return

Before taking questions, Woods took a moment to apologize to his fellow golfers for the "bombardment" of questions they had to endure saying, "hopefully after today they can be left alone to focus on the Masters."

He also spoke of getting a lot of hugs from the other players, who welcomed him back.

Earlier Monday, Woods shot a round with Fred Couples, and in keeping with the typical politeness of a golf gallery, the crowd met him with mild applause.

Tiger Woods to Return to Golf at the Masters

"The encouragement I got blew me away," Woods said at the start of his news conference. "It was something that touched my heart pretty good."

He added that wife Elin will not be coming to watch him play this week.

Woods said he made "some incredibly bad decisions" and "hurt so many people." He reiterated that he takes all the blame.

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