Everybody auditioned for Friends back in the '90s. While the cast producers assembled was perfect and made the sitcom into one of the biggest shows on TV for a decade, it's fun to imagine what the show would look like if some of the people who were almost cast had made it. What if Jon Cryer and Janeane Garofalo were Chandler and Monica? Very different show! What if Kathy Griffin had played Phoebe? She wouldn't be a D-lister, that's for sure! If Vince Vaughn had played Joey, there would be darkness at Joey's core that would make him less lovable than Matt LeBlanc's version! And now we have a new Friends what if: What if Tiffani Thiessen had played Rachel Green instead of Jennifer Aniston?

The former Saved by the Bell star revealed on SiriusXM's You Up With Nikki Glaser Monday that she auditioned for the role back in the day. She was well-known for having played Kelly Kapowski for four years on the teen sitcom, but she wasn't right for Friends. "I was just a little too young," Thiessen told Glaser. "I was a little too young to the pairing of the rest of them." Thiessen was 20, and Aniston, at 25, was still the youngest member of the Friends cast at the time of the pilot.

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But what if? What if Tiffani Thiessen had shown up in Central Perk wearing a wedding dress instead of Jennifer Aniston? Yeah, it probably wouldn't have worked. Casting Jennifer Aniston was not a mistake lol. Thiessen did Beverly Hills, 90210 instead, and that was perfect. She's a '90s icon. But she didn't have people going to salons and asking for her hairstyle. BUT WHAT IF SHE DID THO???? This game is fun.