Ro-Bear Berbils Ro-Bear Berbils

The ThunderCats are back, and guess what? So are the Ro-Bear Berbils!

After a brief hiatus, Lion-O and company continue their search for the scattered three stones. On Friday's episode, "Berbils" (8:30/7:30c on Cartoon Network), they encounter a village of robot bears who ask the ThunderCats to help save them from a slave trader who wants to use them for their technical and construction skills.

Fans of the original ThunderCats series will recognize the Berbils immediately. "When deciding to bring the Berbils back we agreed to not change their design or personality too much as they were some of the most memorable characters in the original ThunderCats universe," producer Ethan Spaulding tells "The appeal of the Ro-Bear Berbils is their unassuming look — cute, furry, robotic teddy bears — and their robotic voices. They look cute but are actually great builders and help the ThunderCats in many ways."

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In fact, Pantho will find a kindred "wrench monkey" spirit in Ro-Bear Bill. Will this be good news for the ThunderTank?

Although the Berbils' basic design hasn't changed, there are minor differences to the Berbils 2.0 upgrade. "We did update them a bit as there are different-sized Berbils now as well as kid Berbils," says Spaulding. "The new Berbils also have the ability to transform into balls to help them roll away from danger." That sounds handy for Third Earth!

Here's your first look at Lion-0 meeting the Ro-Bear Berbils:

ThunderCats airs Fridays at 8:30/7:30c on Cartoon Network.

What do you think of the Ro-Bear Berbils and their new ability?