Vivica A. Fox by Kevin Parry/ Vivica A. Fox by Kevin Parry/

Vivica A. Fox's camp says it ain't so, but a gal pal, Atlanta radio personality Porsche Foxx, says it is. According to the New York Daily News, some evil rat bastard boyfriend of the Dancing with the Stars alum supposedly filmed her with his cell phone while she was, ahem, "on her knees." Fox, in turn, sought advice from "a friend at the Atlanta police department" - though the cops say they have yet to receive a formal complaint.

Fox's rep responded to the story with a vague "not true," failing to specify which aspect of the tale - the phone, the content, the police involvement? - is bogus. Ironically, the actress' next film is called, I kid you not, Caught on Tape. - Ben Katner