<EM>Threshold</EM> Threshold

Creator Brannon Braga reveals how the team would have fought to save the world if his show had survived.

I admit that the way we ended Threshold was much too hasty. For a show that was about an alien races long-range plans to alter human DNA to make us more like them, we had to wrap up quickly. So in the last of the 12 episodes we shot only eight of which aired in America we had this dream sequence with Dr. Molly Caffrey (Carla Gugino). She was the one who had come up with the strategy to deal with an alien invasion of Earth. In the dream, the first alien-human child born comes to her and tells her, Your plan will work and you will not live to see it. With only one day to come up with something, that was our lame-ass conclusion.

Fans will get to see all 12 episodes in the DVD collection were releasing, but we had tons of other stuff planned: Molly was going to get excluded from the very project shed created, thanks to an overzealous politician. But she would still have been secretly working with the Threshold team members. Shed have hooked up with a vigilante, whod become sort of a love interest for her. Together, theyd uncover a conspiracy to blow up Thresholds headquarters, so she would have to save her team from the outside.

One of her team members, Dr. Nigel Fenway (Brent Spiner), was going to develop a relationship with a new member of the group, who would have been played by Catherine Bell (JAG). And in an episode we scripted but didnt shoot, Molly ended up in a coma and we find out that in her plan, Fenway is her successor. The story was that this guy who liked to work alone now had to be a leader.

At the same time, the most reluctant member of the team, Arthur Ramsey (Peter Dinklage), was going to spiral out of control after he sleeps with an alien stripper.

After that, another probe would be shot down and would then send out a signal calling in 80 more alien probes. That would have led to Season 2, and when these probes arrived, all hell was going to break loose.

Im sorry we never were able to get to all that. Recently, I appeared at a science-fiction show in Iceland, and the people there were absolutely obsessed with Threshold. They didnt even realize it wasnt coming back, which let me know we should be proud of the work we did. Brannon Braga