We've seen Randall (Sterling K. Brown) deal with quite a bit this season on This Is Usfrom the revelation that his mother kept a huge secret from him, to finding out his biological dad has cancer and is bisexual.

Through it all, he's been able to lean on his awesome wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson). Though we've yet to learn much about her and her family background, Watson promises that revelations are on the way.

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Watson tells TVGuide.com that Beth comes from a large family — and we're about to find out all about them, starting with Beth's sister.

Unlike Randall, Beth has had an opportunity to connect with her culture her whole life. "We'll begin to see some of the differences between her family and his family, where they connect and disconnect," Watson promises."

Randall, she said, will also be making more attempts to identify with his African-American heritage, an experience he didn't have much growing up. "It'll be interesting," she says with a slight chuckle, perhaps hinting that more comically disastrous tries at jazz (or maybe rapping?!) might be on the way for Randall.

But Beth's relatives, who are Jamaican, approve of Randall. "They're cool," she says

Speaking of cool, Beth famously became the, uh, dopest TV wife of 2016 when she whipped up a batch of pot-laced brownies — which led to the revelation that Randall's father William (Ron Cephas Jones) was in contact with Randall's adopted mother Rebecca (Mandy Moore) for years, unbeknownst to Randall. So how is Watson's real-life edible game? Does she know how to turn the "sticky-icky" into gooey treats?

"I don't," she admits. "But I can't imagine it'd be too hard. I'd just get that Duncan Hines brownie mix, sprinkle a little herbals in it, blend it really good. That's how it works, right?" (Not really. The process is actually a little more complicated... we've heard. From a friend.)

"I would have figured it out," an undaunted Watson promises. Of course she would have. She plays Beth! Beth always rises to the challenge.

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