There are a lot of things to fight about with your friends about This Is Usyour favorite episode, character, or couple. But everyone seems to agree about one thing: Miguel (Jon Huertas) is no replacement for Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) as Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) husband.

If you'll recall, we learned in Episode 2 that 1) Rebecca and Jack part ways, but we don't know whether it was Jack's death or if the couple split up beforehand, and 2) that Rebecca is remarried, to Jack's best friend Miguel. Considering how much time Miguel spent telling Jack how great Rebecca was for him, it left a sour taste in fans' mouths that Miguel would be the one to grow old with the Pearson matriarch.

But Ventimiglia is not among them. "If after episode 15, you don't love Miguel or understand him or give him a chance, you might just be an unhappy person in general," he said at a This Is Us screening for Television Critics Association members.

Jon Huertas, <em>This Is Us</em>Jon Huertas, This Is Us

According to Ventimiglia, we should all just cool it. "It's sad, because I don't believe that it's Miguel's fault," he said. "People fell so in love with Jack and Rebecca that they couldn't see anyone else."

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The actor's TV wife backs him up. Even though Moore swears she doesn't know how or why Rebecca ended up with Miguel, she doesn't see it as nefarious. "People just assume that Miguel slithered his way in," she said. "There's no way. I know it's not true, even if I don't know [the specifics]."

Besides, it's not like Jack has always been the perfect husband. "We learn in the second episode [about] the alcohol. We're shooting episode 15 right now and there are definitely issues that come to light that are not pretty," she teased. "Frankly, they are traits that Rebecca is not attracted to and does not like at all."

Are you ready to let Miguel into your heart? It seems like episode 15, which is scheduled to air in February, may be the one to change everything.

This Is Us returns Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 10/9c on NBC.