Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) singing career has been a big point of contention for This Is Us fans.

On the one hand, who wants to give up the chance to hear Moore's angelic voice on a weekly basis? On the other, Rebecca's singing and desire to go on tour pushed the Pearsons to the brink and could potentially lead to the dissolving of her marriage with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

Despite the difficulties that Rebecca's singing career has caused, Moore is hopeful that Rebecca won't give up on her dream — even if it's for Rebecca's sanity.

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"I would like to see Rebecca continue down the path of trying to have a career, or having music in her life to some degree," Moore told at the This Is Us red carpet at PaleyFest 2017. "It really bummed me out that this woman could never get it started. As a young person, her friends and her family didn't believe in her dream — and then to find out that her husband didn't really believe in her dream or support her either."

Even if Rebecca doesn't manage to make it as a music star, Moore is hopeful that singing and performing can help Rebecca navigate the tough times ahead now that she and Jack are separated.

"I really hope that her catharsis and way of working out these marital issues brings her back on stage in some way," Moore said.

This Is Us returns this fall on NBC.