Oh hey Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge)! What do you two have going on?!

Based on new photos from next week's episode — optimistically (or ominously, depending on your POV) titled "What Now?" — these two look like they may be updating their statuses to "In a Relationship, for Realsies (Again)."

As you know, these two have a loooong history that goes back to childhood, when their elementary school puppy love blossomed into sex in high school and then marriage. Of course, their union ended in divorce, at least in part due to his infidelity. His overtures have gradually thawed their ice, and when we saw them last, they were "cautiously dating."

This Is Is: how will "Memphis" affect the Pearsons going forward?

In these photos though, Sophie's ice looks like it's fully thawed into water...that might be thoughtfully placed on a nightstand when her bae Kevin wakes up in the morning. She's straight up lovingly gazing in this one.

Justin Hartley as Kevin, Alexandra Breckenridge as Sophie, This Is UsJustin Hartley as Kevin, Alexandra Breckenridge as Sophie, This Is Us

Hard to know whether this gazing happens before or after this photo below, in which she's looking at him like she wants to collapse into his arms — but only after he swears on a stack of Manny DVDs that he'll never hurt her again. They're clearly having an important heart-to-heart.

Justin Hartley as Kevin, Alex Breckenridge as Sophie, This Is UsJustin Hartley as Kevin, Alex Breckenridge as Sophie, This Is Us

And you know where this convo is taking place? Outside the theater that's home to The Back of an Egg, the absurdly titled play Kevin bolted on to go tend to his brother Randall (Sterling K. Brown) when he was having a scary anxiety attack. He's full on grinning at her here, as if Sophie had just told the delicate actor that a New York Times critic said he was TRUE ARTIST.

Justin Hartley as Kevin, This Is UsJustin Hartley as Kevin, This Is Us

Will their "cautiously dating" turn into a rekindled romance? Hard to say now. But what does seem certain — based on another shot of Kevin in front of a dressing room mirror — is that his decision to bolt on the show at the last possible minute didn't get him kicked off of it for good. That mean's he's got a job, a repaired relationship with his brother and maybe even his ex-wife back. Somebody's 2017 is looking real good!

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