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This Is Us: Here's How We Know Kate Will Eventually Fall for Toby, the Perfect Boyfriend

Chrissy Metz talks about the fate of Kate and Toby

Malcolm Venable

Nearly everyone who watches This Is Us will cop to getting misty-eyed while watching the hit NBC drama. But a less-discussed reaction is melting into a puddle of "awww" week after week witnessing the adorably sweet romantic gestures Toby (Chris Sullivan) extends to Kate (Chrissy Metz). Even in the infancy stages of their 'ship, Toby has wowed us again and again with his kind, patient and charmingly goofy overtures that are the stuff of rom-com dreams.

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Kate, of course, has greeted his over-the-top sweetness with skepticism. Even his dressing up as paparazzi, literally rolling out a red carpet and treating her like Hollywood royalty didn't do much to move her mistrust. But it's understandable. We've watched her struggle with her weight since childhood, enduring bullying, internalized shame and even hopelessness, so we get that it's not exactly easy to jump in the dating pool with confidence.

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But her ice is thawing, right? Kate seems like she's starting to open up -- even if it's a one step forward, two back kinda thing -- and by golly, we're rooting for them to work it out. TVGuide.com caught up with Chrissy Metz in Los Angeles recently, and she let us know how the 'ship we're crossing our fingers for is going to play out.

Chris Sullivan as Toby, This Is Us

Chris Sullivan as Toby, This Is Us

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

"Real intimacy is built on trust," she said, and in time, "Kate and Toby really start to trust each other."


Metz continued, "And finally Kate's like 'Ok, maybe he really does like me.'" (Yay!)

Her self-worth issues, though, take time to undo. "She's like, 'Am I worth this kind of love?' But I think eventually she's going to say 'You know what? Gosh everyone is worth this kind of love."

She said there isn't one particular event that makes them gel. "She's just coming more into her own," Metz said. "She's feeling more confident. And she's believing that he could really care for her. Of course, that starts with us right? If we don't love ourselves nobody can love us."

Amen, sister. Spoken like a true queen.


This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.