Of the many lingering questions left after This Is Us' Season 1 finale, there's one slightly unusual one that could still keep viewers up at night: what exactly Toby (Chris Sullivan) does for a living.

Indeed, we know that Toby has a heart of gold (and one that needs lots of TLC, given that heart attack) and that he'll drop whatever he's doing in a, uh, heartbeat to be by the side of his lady Kate (Chrissy Metz).

And therein lies the problem, actually: We've seen him come be with her at weight loss camp, be her rock at family gatherings, and so on... but we've never quite been able to piece together how the human teddy bear makes a living. Until now.

This Is Us finale creates a major obstacle for Season 2

So, what's Sullivan up to when he's not portraying Kate's boyfriend Toby?So, what's Sullivan up to when he's not portraying Kate's boyfriend Toby?

TVGuide.com caught up with Sullivan at the Los Angeles screening of the season finale to get to the bottom of one of the show's best kept secrets, only to find out it's not really a secret at all.

"He's an IT guy," Sullivan said. "There's one line about it, in like, Episode 4. So yeah. He specializes in technology and computers."

Unaware that many people on the Internet were working hard to crack this case, Sullivan reveled in the fact that his character's day-to-day life is a mystery. "In that case," he said, "he's a hit man. For the mob."

Hey, seems plausible, right?