Well, I think we all saw that one coming from miles away. Our girl Summer catches Dean Mess "disciplining" Taylor at the dance (kissiplining anyone?). I think this whole situation gives "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" a whole new meaning. And can anybody fill me in on something else? What's happened to Ryan? The boy needs to grow his hair, let loose. He's too young to be all scrunched up worrying about Marissa and acting jealous over her getting a new bizarro crew at gasp public school! The O.C. needs to give me back old, broody Season 1 Ryan. Stop giving me the one who's arranging to pick up his girlfriend after school as if he were the designated car-pool driver. Is that too much to ask? I'd also like to know who out there loves them some Ryan and Marissa. Me? It depends on the week. This week, not so much. Even when they were dancing to faux "Forever Young" (this one's good; I just love the original Alphaville version more), they seemed all awkward. Like they didn't fit, but maybe that's just me. And as for Summer's significant other: Last season, there was too much Seth Cohen. This season, not nearly enough. Balance, people, balance!

Enough with the teens; let's get to The O.C.'s adults. Charlotte's in cahoots with the scruffy flower-delivery guy, but the joke's on her: Kirsten's not as rich as she looks. Damn that Caleb. But poor, poor Julie Cooper Nichol. She doesn't have two nickels to her name. And instead of asking the Cohens for a loan, she lets her pride get in the way of ever affording Prada again. And with that, I'll be seeing you Coopers and Cohens after the baseball playoffs. GO CARDS!