You might think it's a little too soon for a hurricane aftermath episode, but apparently you'd be wrong. Mac and Templeton bury the hatchet for a full 30 seconds as they head to Florida on a post-natural-disaster moral-support and photo-op expedition. And since one environmental crisis is never enough, this one's compounded by the threat of a catastrophic oil spill off the Atlantic coast. Let the party politics begin! The formula's becoming crystal clear: Mac makes a presidential decision; Templeton sabotages her before a captive world audience; Mac comes out ahead in the end because, by golly, she's got principles. So, uh, when does Mark-Paul Gosselaar show up? I think I'm in desperate need of a Zack Attack.

As if she hasn't got enough worries, like ruling the free world and stuff, Mac's picture-perfect family life begins to crack a bit at the edges, too. It looks like First Hubby's gonna take the baseball commissioner gig he didn't so much as tell her about although he did find time to mention it to the nubile and oh-so-understanding press secretary. Meanwhile, the First Daughter manages to make out with a boy behind the local burger joint, fend off a mob of teenage autograph hounds and get her loyal Secret Service agent pink-slipped. Imagine how much she could accomplish with a tutor.

Best moment of the hour: one of the environmentalists in Templeton's pocket demonstrates the dangers of Mac's proposed oil-spill prevention plan by pouring what appears to be maple syrup all over a big map of Florida. Mmm, Everglade-cakes. CS

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