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So You Think You Can Dance executive producer Nigel Lythgoe wants to bring dance to TV again — this time, Olympics style.

Lythgoe, who also serves as a judge on Dance, announced earlier this year that he would be leaving his producing duties on American Idol to concentrate his efforts on Dance, as well as a new show he hopes will be global in scope.

Nigel told the new show, tentatively titled Dance Stars of the World, would be set up like a dance Olympics. The reality competition will "bring dancers from all different countries in teams [that include] soloists, pas de deux and groups to represent their country."

Nigel plans to scour the globe to find the most unique and entertaining dancers from countries like South Africa, Australia, Russia and Argentina. Once selected, the teams will be judged by representatives from each of the countries (who won't be allowed to vote for their countrymen).

Nigel said he'd "love to see" his new show be as nail-biting as watching Olympic ice skaters receiving their marks — but he wants to supersize the experience with a giant scoreboard. That could also mean super-sized tears when the dancers get low marks.

Would you be on board with Nigel's new dance show?

Watch the video clip below!

Nigel Lythgoe reveals new Superstars of Dance.

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