So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance

In past seasons of So You Think You Can Dance, the Fox reality series usually fell short in the personality department. This season, the group of 20 dancers brings a new level of charisma to the stage. 

Now that the top 20 has been revealed, it's time to get to know them a little better. Who's the closet singer? Who fears the newest permanent judge, Adam Shankman? ...


Channing Cooke, 18, is a contemporary dancer from Haverhill, Mass. She's also an ice cream scooper.
Vroom Vroom: "I'm a very big tomboy, but very girlie girl at the same time. I love race cars. I love driving fast, but never got a speeding ticket."

Mia Michaels leaving So You Think You Can Dance

Ariana Debose, 18, is a contemporary dancer from Raleigh, N.C.
Feared Judge: "During Vegas week I was a little scared of Adam because at one point he told me, 'Your cha-cha is just a little unfortunate.' It's OK because it was unfortunate."

Ashleigh DiLello, 26, is a ballroom dancer from Springville, Utah. She's married to Ryan DiLello, who's also in the top 20.
No Hubby Woes: "I've gotten a new appreciation for Ryan. Usually I'm dancing with him [and] I don't get to see him. He might be doing some intimate dance with another girl, but I take him home at night. You can do that, but that's my man."

Mollee Gray, 18, is a jazz dancer from Upland, Calif.
Hearing Schmering: "I'm actually deaf in my left ear. ... They wanted to give me a hearing aid. When I tested it out, it threw off my balance because I could hear so much more, so I will not get a hearing aid because it will throw off the way I dance."

Karen Hauer, 27, is an American-rhythm dancer from Fort Lee, N.J.
Forget Sexy: "I don't dance sexy. It's not about showing how sexy you can be — that's for amateurs. It's showing passion, it's not just the hips moving to entice somebody, but to really capture somebody's feelings and capture somebody's heart."

Noelle Marsh, 18, is a contemporary dancer from Sanford, N.C.
Speak Easy: "I view my dancing as speaking. I just want to be able to speak through movement and create not even just a voice through it, but also a feeling."

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Pauline Mata, 18, is a contemporary dancer from West Covina, Calif.
Dance Do-Over: "Actually, I came in last season as a contemporary dancer, which was a bad idea because I didn't train in contemporary for a long time."

Kathryn McCormick, 18, is a contemporary and lyrical dancer from Burbank, Calif.
Hold it in: "Every time I go on stage I almost pee my pants. I'm so excited and ready, but oh my gosh, all these lights and people. Once I'm on stage it's gone, but at first it's bad. I'll go like 20 times before."

Bianca Revels, 20, is a tap dancer from Detroit. She battled Ryan Kasperzak during auditions, who didn't make it to the Top 20.
Lock Your Doors, Dancers:
"I sleepwalk ... and in Vegas I had this new girl {as a roommate} and she said that I walked to her bed and was looking at her, so my eyes were actually open. She said my name and asked if I was OK and I told her I loved her. ... That's a good way to meet people." 

Ellenore Scott, 19, is a contemporary dancer from New York.
Bringing Fun Back: "I want to show them that I have technique, but I've never seen a girl on the show try to do humorous things. I want to show America that you can be funny and goofy too and still be beautiful and pretty."


Phillip Attmore, 25, is a tap dancer from Los Angeles.
Sleepy Time: "I'm not clinically, but I'm a little bit, narcoleptic. I have so many pictures that people have taken of me asleep. The worst place that I've ever fallen asleep is when I was talking to my high school sweetheart on the phone."

Billy Bell, 19, is a contemporary dancer from Palm Beach, Fla. He made Adam Shankman cry during Vegas auditions.
Grocery Guru: "I have this obsession with grocery shopping. I love to grocery shop. I have no idea why it is the most fun thing to me."

Adam Shankman made permanent judge on So You Think You Can Dance

Ryan DiLello, 28, is a ballroom dancer from Springville, Utah. He's married to Ashleigh DiLello, who's also in the top 20.
Married Duo: "This is a competition, but we have to compete against each other and when we go home at night, we're going to talk about, 'No, I'm going to pass you up this week.' I think everyone else needs to watch out because we're going to be trying extra hard."

Russell Ferguson, 20, is a hip-hop and krump dancer from Boston.
Spiritual Dancer: "I auditioned because I felt like it was a calling. I'm very spiritual in a sense. Sitting back at home trying to help my crew and everybody, we're trying to spread a message out there. I felt like it was definitely a calling from God to be here, to deliver a message."

Kevin "K'Bez" Hunte, 23, is a hip-hop dancer from New York.
Interesting Dance Practice: "I actually like to be in a dark room by myself and just freestyle and try to feel my way around and not hit anything in the dark."

Jakob Karr, 19, is a contemporary dancer from Orlando, Fla.
Seeing Double: "There's one guy [in the competition] that's very similar to me. His name is Billy Bell. We live in the same building and we're friends. We're just very similar with what we can do with our bodies. We dance differently, but we're both flexible and we're both whacked out, so I think he's my competition."

Jonathan "Legacy" Perez, 28, is a hip-hop dancer and B-Boy from Los Angeles.
Reach for the Stars: "I auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 because I wanted to reach out to the kids that are less fortunate around the United States and the world and whoever is exposed to this show and let them know that you don't really have to be a trained dancer. If you have a goal you can go for it and reach for the stars."

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Peter Sabasino, 22, is a tap dancer from Philadelphia.
Fancy Nickname: "Not only am I a tap dancer, but I'm a B-Boy at the same time. Actually my B-Boy name used to be Bo Jangles."

Victor Smalley, 20, is a contemporary dancer from Miami.
Shower Soprano: "I really had dreams of being on American Idol, but I realized that I can't sing at all."

Nathan Trasoras, 18, is a contemporary dancer from Downey, Calif. He auditioned in season 5, but was not old enough.
Unnatural Talent: "I wasn't born to be a dancer, and I feel like if I was born to be a dancer, I wouldn't be here. My mindset would be completely different. If you're a natural at something, you tend to not work for it. The fact that I wasn't a natural, I worked for it every year." 

Who are your favorites so far?