Dominic Sandoval, <EM>So You Think You Can Dance</EM> Dominic Sandoval, So You Think You Can Dance

Bursting with energy and jokes, breaker Dominic Sandoval had the biggest personality of Season 3 but unfortunately met the end of the road last week. The next morning he chatted with about his moves, his chemistry and the Three Musketeers. Do you think you deserved to go home?
Dominic Sandoval: Honestly, I didn't think I was even going to make it past my first audition in L.A., so this is all extra. I thought I should have gone home a long time ago. I don't know if I deserved it, but I'm really happy with as far as I got.

TVGuide: How did being in the bottom two last week affect your mind-set for this week?
Dominic: Before I was in the bottom two last week, I thought I was going home. Since Kameron went home, I told him, "This next week, I'm going to work twice as hard," because I felt he should have been there instead of me.

TVGuide: You had one of the biggest personalities on the show. Were you hamming it up, or is that who you really are?
Dominic: It's really just me being me. I think it helps, but I didn't know it was going to take me this far.

TVGuide: What's your favorite memory from the show?
Dominic: I think the best memories of the show so far is when we were in Vegas. Every night after we finished dancing for 10 hours straight, it would be late at night, like 12 o'clock, and we would dance for hours, until like 3 in the morning, at this little bar/club, and it was just a bunch of dancers from all over the place. Everybody was in their own world. It was kind of like our own West Side Story. We danced for a few hours and we knew we had to wake up in like two more hours, but those were the best memories so far.

TVGuide: I talked to Jesús right after he got kicked off and he mentioned that you, him and Hok were the Three Musketeers. Did you meet in Vegas or the top 20?
Dominic: I've known Hok for a couple of years now, we met through mutual friends in the breaking community. I've actually known him since he had the really long hair from the first season. Hok knew Jesús from last season, and this year Hok introduced us when we first auditioned in L.A. From there we got really close in Vegas and the top 20 made us even closer. Cat gave us the name "The Three Musketeers," and we kind of just lived up to it.

TVGuide: There were three breakers on the show this year: Sara, Hok and you. Did you think one of you would win?
Dominic: I really thought Hok was going to win. I thought from the beginning that he was America's favorite dancer; he's really talented. And I thought Sara had a good chance because she was so versatile. Everything she was given she did really well. I thought all three of our solos were really good because people like to watch people flying around and stuff.

TVGuide: Sara just told me that the three of you are doing a trio on the tour.
Dominic: We've been so excited about it, we can't wait! I guess now we have a little time to start making it up before we go into rehearsal.

TVGuide: For a breaker, you adapted really well to other styles. How did you pull that off?
Dominic: I studied a lot. Especially going on YouTube, watching clips and trying to understand the way they look and the way they feel. It was a mix between that and the other contestants helping me out — especially Jesús.

TVGuide: How do you think this exposure to other styles will affect your breaking?
Dominic: It opened my mind to different things. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Learning all these things have opened my horizons a lot. It affected my breaking a lot — in a good way.

TV Guide: Was it hard saying goodbye to someone every week?Dominic: Since the top 10 it's gotten a little easier and people are OK with it because we know we've been promised to dance for the next few months. That's what it's really about — it's not really about winning, it's about the people on the show.

TVGuide: What was your chemistry like with your three partners, Sabra, Jaimie and Lauren?
Dominic: Sabra and I hit it off from the very beginning and every dance we got, we worked so well together. I love Sabra so much. With Jaimie it was hard because it was the first week with new partners. From the beginning of the season, I tried to form relationships with all the girls so that when it came time to switch partners, I had already established a chemistry. And with Lauren, that was a whole 'nother chemistry. Our chemistry, it was there.

TVGuide: What's the first thing you'll do tomorrow?
Dominic: Probably not brush my teeth, because I always forget to do that in the morning. Probably eat.

TVGuide: What's next?
Dominic: The tour. Oh, and the finale. But after everything's over, I think I'm just going to go back to training with my crew.

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