Jericho by Andrew Cone/CBS Jericho by Andrew Cone/CBS
The when: Season 2 premieres Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 10 pm/ET. Why watch?: The brave citizens of

Jericho cling to the hope of normalcy after the country survives a nuclear attack on 23 of its most prominent cities. Who's who: Jericho has a large ensemble of characters, but with the show's high mortality rate, that number is steadily diminishing. The show's main characters are Jake Green and Robert Hawkins. Jake Green returned to Jericho just prior to the attack on the neighboring city of Denver. Once an irresponsible troublemaker, Jake has grown into the leader of Jericho. Much of Robert Hawkins' past is shrouded in mystery. As an affiliate of the black-ops sector of the government, he tried unsuccessfully to prevent the nuclear attacks from taking place. He responded by extracting his family from Washington, D.C., and taking them to Jericho where they would be safe. Robert also averted another attack by stealing a nuclear bomb from the enemy, bringing it with him to Jericho. What's next: For Season 2 of the acclaimed action/drama, Jericho shifts its focus to a new government (the "Allied States of America") that has established itself without public vote. Also, Robert Hawkins continues to investigate the truth behind who is responsible for the horrific nuclear attacks. Say what?! In Season 1's finale, Jake Green boldly exclaimed "Nuts!" to the leader of its neighboring town New Bern, which was attempting to invade Jericho. After CBS unceremoniously canceled this acclaimed series, the fans united by sending tons of actual nuts to CBS executives. CBS responded by giving the show a reprieve with a seven-episode second season! What do you say? Jericho's riveting action sequences have the same ruthless intensity of 24, but they also have the quieter moments to focus on its characters' growth. Jericho fans, you've saved your show! Now it's time for more TV viewers to see what the fuss is all about! Keep spreading the word! - Joshua Green