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Lindsay Lohan lives a life of jet-setting and luxurious living far different from that of inmates at the all-female jail where she'll serve her term. From what she'll eat to where she'll sleep, here are a few things the Mean Girls actress can expect during her stay.

1. Two hot meals, one cold: Like the other inmates — and the deputies who guard them — Lohan will be served hot meals for breakfast and dinner and a cold meal for lunch, according to Sgt. Richard Peña, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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2. Sleeping on a cot: Lohan is expected to get the same bedding as other inmates, which may take some adjusting: She once lived at Hollywood's famed Chateau Marmont Hotel, the website of which advertises fine European linens and cashmere throws.

3. Possible unwanted attention: The New York Daily News quotes inmate Tamara Haley saying, "Everyone will want a piece of her." But Lohan could also prove popular with fellow inmates: inmates at the jail that held Paris Hilton said her stay led guards to extra food, blankets, and other treats to avoid any impression they were giving special treatment to the heiress, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph.

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4. No Twitter:  Cell phones and computers are not allowed inside the facility, which will leave the actress no means of sharing any "eeeks" with the world. Lohan's only form of contact will be through a public pay phone, according to the The Associated Press.

5. A new wardrobe: Lohan loves fashion, but won't get to enjoy it behind bars: Inmates are fitted for orange jumpsuits.

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6. Meetings with doctors:  Upon entry, Lohan, like other inmates, will meet with two doctors, one a psychiatrist. They will determine what if any medications she can take during her stay.

7. A 12-by-12 cell: Lohan darts easily between Los Angeles, New York City and Europe, but her movements will be much more restricted during her term. Most inmates receive an 8-by-12-foot cell, to which they are confined 20 hours a day. But Lohan's high profile may result in her receiving a larger cell, ABC News reports.

8. A plastic bag:  The actress will be given a bag with soap, shampoo, deodorant, a tooth brush, tooth paste and other toiletries.