Florence Henderson Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson looks back at her enduring and seemingly sunshiny showbiz career in Life Is Not a Stage: From Broadway Baby to a Lovely Lady and Beyond, out September 20. The self-proclaimed "Mother of the Mullet" from The Brady Bunch also gives up some tawdry secrets about her personal life. Here are a few juicy nuggets.

1. She received a special dispensation from a Catholic priest so she could use birth control pills.

2. She had a one-night stand with New York City mayor John Lindsay that left her with a minor, but uncomfortable, sexually transmitted disease.

3. Studio research on The Brady Bunch showed some viewers resented that Carol Brady had Alice, the maid, and complained that her house was too clean.

4. She went into labor with her third child during a taping of the game show Password.

5. She believes Brady Bunch dad Robert Reed, a closeted gay man, needed a few extra cocktails during lunch on days that they filmed romantic scenes.

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