If there's ever been a rocker more deserving of an encore, it's Jordis. And the guys in INXS know it. The irony is that she may actually be too good for the band. With youth and an incredible voice on her side, I think she's capable of mounting a solo career that could save pop music and refasten the Seventh Seal that's sure to be opened when Britney births her spawn. It might actually be more beneficial for Jordis to be eventually ushered out the stage door. Right now, though,  Brandon, Tara and Ty are gracing the bottom three.

Brandon: The nattily dressed Brando snags "Devil Inside," one of INXS' best. But his performance has all the consistency of a warped 45 rpm: It's skipping and hopping all over the place.
Tara: Much like her performance last night, Tara's "Beautiful Girl" sounds as if she's holding one big indecipherable note. It's almost like a code, and one I don't think Tim and the boys are interested in trying to break.
Ty: Jack Nicholson's nickname for Warren Beatty is "Pro," 'cause he's such a damn professional. Ty should consider adopting the same moniker the guy is that good. Yes, he stumbled a bit on Tuesday, but last night he found his footing and delivered a powerful "Kick" that's sure to keep him around a bit longer.

Decision time. And tonight's weakest warbler is Tara. Not much of a surprise, really. But what is a surprise is how this addictive show is struggling in the ratings. In fact, CBS is moving the clinic episodes to VH1, starting Sunday at 8 pm/ET. Try to catch it. To paraphrase Bono, I know I will follow.