Mary Occhino Mary Occhino

Mary Occhino is an Italian-American real divorced housewife of Long Island with family drama to spare. But this outspoken mother of three isn't your average working mom. The self-described "psychic intuitive" is the star of Syfy's new six-episode reality series, Mary Knows Best (premiering tonight at 9/8c). Cameras follow Occhino at Sirius XM Radio, where she predicts callers' futures, offers advice and speaks to their deceased loved ones on her popular show, "Angels on Call."

Back at home, she bickers with her sons—Chris, a paranormal investigator, and Carl, a skeptical journalist—and tries to persuade her reluctant daughter, Jackie, to accept her own psychic abilities. "It can be very funny or a little difficult living with a person like me," Occhino admits. And how! In one episode, Mary annoys Jackie when she senses unhappy mother/daughter ghosts at a clothing store and doggedly investigates.

Rebutting debunkers, Occhino says she's been tested multiple times by scientists who have dubbed her "one of the Top 10 psychics in the world." But please don't think she's weird. "My goal is to demonstrate that psychics aren't odd or different," she says. "Mary Knows Best is like a nice Italian meal—a little bit of everything. But the main dish is intuition blended with love." It doesn't take ESP to believe in that.

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