<EM>Veronica Mars</EM> Veronica Mars

There's another episode next week? Really, guys? 'Cause, um, the summer TV season was over a few weeks ago, and you're not up against reruns anymore. I guess another hour of dance would be great, but you just know it's going to be 10 minutes of dance to 50 minutes of Lauren Sanchez drawing out the suspense before they reveal the winner. I don't know how it's going to be more surprising than tonight's big upset: judges' favorite Blake getting the boot before Jamile and Nick. I'm thrilled, though. Nick has all of Blake's skill with none of his cockiness, and he's got so much ahead of him. He even kind of showed up Jamile in their hip-hop duet tonight. Nick and Melody's paso doble was really a whole lot of poses, but that was enough to make Mia curse on national TV. Jamile and Ashle's salsa was too mild. Both same-sex duets had more energy than anything else all night, especially Ashle and Melody's athletic performance to "Message in a Bottle" complete with wet hair, lifevest costumes and a run-and-slide-on-the-boat-deck move. "Cold Hearted" was oh so meta, but Jamile showed some passion for once and actually had chemistry with sparkplug Melody. During the judges' praise session, Nigel leaned over and sniffed Mary's glass (after holding his ears during her other screaming raves), leaving Mia in hysterics. Nick outstyled Jamile again with his and Ashle's hip-hop routine, which began with shoe throwing and ended with a fake sneeze. The girls are really talented and Jamile's got his niche, but I think Little Nicky won my heart tonight.