Clarke (Eliza Taylor) may have finally found a situation she can't talk her way out of on The 100.

After learning of Skaikru's secret preparations to turn the Ark into a radiation shelter, Ice Nation king Roan (Zach McGowan) is ready to turn his feelings of betrayal into the ultimate revenge. And knowing that the nuclear apocalypse is on the way, he truly has nothing left to lose in launching an all-out war with Skaikru - no matter the casualties both sides would suffer.

But in Wednesday's episode, unlike previous pickles Clarke has found herself in, there's no magic lever to pull that will save her people when Ice Nation shows up at their door ready to fight.

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So, in a desperate plea to avoid war, Clarke must figure out exactly how much she's willing to sacrifice and where her true priorities lie - in saving her people, or in saving everyone. However, her negotiation tactics might be for naught when certain people go rogue, putting everyone's lives in even greater danger than before.

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