We have three theories about things that may be on the horizon on The Walking Dead, and two of them involve Judith's death.

Dark, we know, but hey, it's a dark show.

Theory #1: Judith is going to die. There's a theory floating around the internet that the little girl in the "Old Man Rick" flashforward isn't Judith Grimes but Gracie, the baby that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) made an orphan. The evidence is that there's a velveteen rabbit in Gracie's crib and the girl in the vision is holding that same rabbit, which could indicate that Judith has died and Gracie has taken her place. Of course, Rick didn't take the rabbit out of the crib, but when we visited the set of The Walking Dead, our hosts made a big deal of showing us the rabbit, so it must be significant somehow. There's a lot working against this theory, like the fact that Aaron (Ross Marquand) adopted Gracie, not Rick, and having the age of the girl in the vision line up with Gracie's age means that this vision is taking place even farther in the future than we thought. But there's something there.

Theory #2: Radioactive super-zombies! Remember those barrels of toxic waste in the stream in the woods by the chemical plant? They're making radioactive super-zombies! Shiva's gonna come back not as a walker but as a toxic avenger! Okay, this isn't going to happen, but it's fun to think about.

Theory #3: People born after the apocalypse are immune to the virus...and they find this out when Judith dies. If The Walking Dead ever decides to pack it in, the endgame could be set up with the discovery that people born after the start of the apocalypse are not infected with whatever it is that creates zombies, so when they die they're dead for good, which means that the zombie plague will not last forever. Of course, to find that out, somebody born after the apocalypse will have to die, and really the only two possibilities for that at this point are Judith or Gracie. So this isn't a death that's imminent, necessarily, but it could happen eventually. It would be sad, but it would mean there's hope for the human race, so silver lining, you know?

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