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The Walking Dead: Who Betrayed Rick?

Three guesses about who's the mole in Rick's army

Liam Mathews

In last weeks The Walking Dead, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) said that by the time he got to the Sanctuary to snitch on Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and her anti-Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) agenda at the Hilltop, Negan already knew about Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) plan to rise up. If Gregory is telling the truth, that means there's a mole in Rick's army.

We have three guesses as to who it might be.

1. Jesus (Tom Payne). Hilltop's kindhearted karate master wants to avoid mass casualties in the war, so maybe he went to Negan with misguided plans of negotiating some kind of peace deal. But Jesus seems to very sincerely stand with Maggie, and betrayal doesn't seem to be in his nature. He's Jesus, not Judas.

2. Daryl (Norman Reedus). What if when Daryl was being tortured last season, he heard "Easy Street" one too many times and agreed to turn informant to make it stop and has been feeding Negan information ever since? It's not likely, but it's possible!

3. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Gabe seems to have redeemed himself, but we can't forget that for a long time he was a snitch and a coward. Perhaps that's who he is at heart, and his growth into a trustworthy member of the team has all been a ploy to gather intelligence he can pass along to enemies as a way to enrich or protect himself. Maybe he cut a deal with the Heapsters back when they took him captive. The fact that he and Negan didn't immediately go at each other inside that trailer indicates that something is up. Maybe tigers don't change their stripes.

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.