On Sunday's The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) rebounded from the death of his Alexandria girlfriend Jessie (remember her?) by hooking up with everyone's favorite samurai, Michonne (Danai Gurira). It came as surprise to the characters (just check out their facial expressions when they start making out — they can't believe it), and it came as a surprise to viewers, too.

Some fans were super into it: TWD superfans have been 'shipping Rick and Michonne since he saved her from walkers outside the prison in Season 3. These fans think Richonne (Rick + Michonne, duh) is the perfect couple, since they're both tough, resourceful badasses with hearts of gold. They were already friends before they hooked up, and Carl (Chandler Riggs) needs a mother figure, so why not?

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Richonne 'shippers went nuts during "No Way Out." The fan Tumblr "F*** Yeah, Richonne" has put up six pages of posts since Sunday, with lots of Richonne gifs and commentary like, "OH MY GOD I AM SCREAMING THAT WAS THE BEST AHHHHHHH." Some punny person on Reddit wrote, "That episode gave me an E-Rick-Chonne." Celebrity superfan (and Richonne 'shipper) Yvette Nicole Brown's reaction on Talking Dead stood in for everyone's:

But not everyone is into Richonne. Our own Walking Dead recapper Tim Surette had problems with the sudden coupling: "Where did this attraction come from? What happened during the time jump to bring them so close together?" he wrote. "Why isn't Rick mourning the loss of Jessie? Would he jump right on Michonne so soon after his last girlfriend died? Why wasn't any of this set up for more than a single episode?" For him, Richonne is another example of the show being inconsistent with its characters.

Some fans objected, too, to the escalation of what was a highly functional platonic relationship, with someone on Reddit writing, "I feel like I'm watching Luke and Leia kiss."

"Just no. No sense," writes Twitter user Mizah. "I find Richonne annoying and irrelevant."

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What do you think? Are you #TeamRichonne or #TeamRichNoOne? Do you worry that now that Michonne's kissed Rick, her days are numbered, because every woman Rick gets involved with dies, and her potentially foreshadowing conversation with Carl about stabbing zombified loved ones? Let us know in the comments!