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The Walking Dead Showrunner Confirms Season 9 Time Jump

Let's do the time warp agaaaaaaain

Lindsay MacDonald

Details about The Walking DeadSeason 9 are trickling in, and we just got a major one at the Kick-Ass Women of AMC panel during Wednesday's inaugural AMC summit.

Showrunner Angela Kang confirmed this morning that there will be a time jump in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead's, saying, "We're playing with time in the season so we get to jump forward in the story. We come in on some pretty fun stuff."

A time jump tracks with the story in the comics, which jumped ahead two years after All-Out War, but that may not be the only reason the show is pushing forward. Fans have speculated for a while now that the future community we saw flashes of in Season 8 was not just an illusion of paradise brought on by Rick's grief, but may also be a possible future for Alexandria in the years to come. Given that Maggie received that book of knowledge in the finale, which consisted of schematics for windmills, aqueducts, grain refineries and more, they essentially have a how-to guide to help build that society we got a peek of last season.

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Kang also hinted that we'd be seeing a new side of Jadis, a.k.a. Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh), this year. "I think we're going to see Anne in a way that people will be very surprised by, seeing a different aspect of her character," Kang said.

We wonder who else will experience some major changes during this time jump?

The Walking Dead will return for Season 9 this fall.

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC