On last week's episode of The Walking Dead, Rosita (Christian Serratos) finally found a willing accomplice in her foolish plan to go rogue and assassinate Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan): Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), the woman who Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) left her for before Negan pulped his head in the Season 7 premiere.

Though their relationship has been chilly to nonexistent, mostly due to Rosita's resentment of Sasha, the two are willing to bury the hatchet and band together to take down their common enemy, even though the way they're going about it is clearly going to get one or both of them killed.

Christian Serratos and Sonequa Martin-GreenChristian Serratos and Sonequa Martin-Green

The case for either character dying hinges on a few internal and external factors.

It might be Rosita because Christian Serratos is pregnant, something that the show won't know how to deal with otherwise...but probably not, because the show has worked around pregnancies and with new mothers before. If anything, Rosita's impulsiveness is starting to border on suicidal and that's what's going to get her killed. She's going to rage her way into her grave.

It's more likely that it's Sasha, though, because Sonequa Martin-Green is one of the leads on the upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery, and if there comes a time when she has to choose between the two shows, she's probably going to go with Star Trek. Plus, her arc might be mirroring a character called Holly's from the comics. Holly crashed a truck into the Sanctuary in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Negan. He captured her and killed her and turned her back over to Rick like he was releasing a prisoner, but really she had turned. Fear the Walking Dead already used this exact prisoner exchange scenario last season, so Sasha's moment will probably be somewhat different, but it's a memorable comics moment that may get tweaked for The Walking Dead.

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There's also the possibility that they both die. This mission is doomed to fail, and so they may go out in a blaze of glory having made peace with each other and their lives. Season 7 began with two deaths, so ending it with two more would bring the story full circle.

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