Maggie (Lauren Cohan) confirmed her pregnancy on The Walking Dead back in November when she still thought Glenn (Steven Yeun) was dead. She saw a sonogram of the baby during last week's episode. She knows she's pregnant. She seems like she'd be a good mother. Lauren Cohan told this week that Maggie is ready for this, saying she'll be "as fierce and protective as any mother could be." But in this coming Sunday's episode she's not acting protectively. She's acting reckless by going along on a mission she should have sat out.

The Walking Dead: Maggie pushes things forward

The weirdest part is that very few other survivors seem to be concerned about Maggie, either. In fact, the only person who raises concerns is one of the last people you'd think.

It's crazy. Maggie's tough, but she's not invincible. So why is she acting like she isn't responsible for her unborn child's life?

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