Walking Dead season is approaching.

On Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly published the very first photo from the Season 8 premiere of AMC's post-apocalyptic drama.

It shows our two favorite characters, Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), having a little meeting. It seems to be somewhere near the Kingdom, since Carol's got on her armor, which is that community's signature look. And Daryl's on his beloved motorcycle (which reminds me — when is Season 2 of Ride with Norman Reedus going to happen?). It's not exactly a reunion, since Carol and Daryl had a real reunion last season, but maybe it's a mini-reunion. We know how much this show loves reunions.

Season 8 is going to be an all-out war between the Saviors and their trash-heap allies and the Alexandrians and their allies the Kingdom and Hilltop. We don't know the fall premiere date yet, but it will be announced at San Diego Comic-Con next week.

Check out the first look at Season 8 below!

Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus, <em>The Walking Dead</em>Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead