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The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Admits to Aiming His Gun with His Eyepatch

Never change, Chandler

Liam Mathews

Now that he's leaving The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs no longer has to live in secrecy (something he was never particularly good at anyway). Part of his newfound unburdening is being honest about mistakes he (and his character Carl) made on the show. Mistakes like aiming his gun with Carl's patched eye. Oh, Chandler.

Carl got his right eye shot out back in Season 6, and in a Season 7 episode, "Something They Need," fans noticed that it seemed like Riggs was aiming his rifle in a right eye-dominant way. But Carl doesn't have a right eye.

And he kept doing it!

And now, Riggs has admitted to HuffPost that fans were right. He was aiming with Carl's nonexistent eye. It was too hard to learn to aim with his other eye.

"After I got my eye shot out, we ended up switching my holster to my left pant leg, and ... I had to retrain my left hand to shoot and aim down, and by the time I got to do it with machine guns and assault rifles and stuff I got lazy with it," he said.

"It felt way too awkward having to put [the guns] on my left shoulder and aim down with my left eye," he added. "It was super weird, so I was just like, 'forget continuity. That's just ridiculous.'"

So yeah, he was aiming his gun with his eyepatch because he didn't feel like using his other shoulder. Bless your heart, Chandler.

Carl's farewell episode of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, Feb. 25 at 9/8c on AMC.