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The Walking Dead Killed Off Its Longest-Surviving Nonspeaking Extra

R.I.P. Bob Miller, a true gangsta

Liam Mathews

On The Walking Dead, there's a cadre of extras who make up the background townspeople. They don't speak, but you might recognize their faces if you watch the show closely. The longest-tenured of those extras is Curtis Jackson (not Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who is a completely different guy), who played Alexandria resident Bob Miller from Season 5, Episode 12 to...sometime between the Season 8 finale and Season 9 premiere. Yes, Bob Miller died off-screen between seasons, fans just found out.

Reddit user FightTheDead118 noticed that Bob Miller's Walking Dead wiki page had been updated to include this note: "Curtis Jackson was the only core Alexandria extra not brought back for filming in Season 9, despite his availability and other core extras being asked back for filming. Due to his old age and the multiple time skips in the storyline for Season 9, it was concluded amongst the cast and crew that an elderly character such as Bob Miller would have eventually passed away due to natural causes/old age, hence the actor not being asked to return for filming."

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Bob Miller never had any dialogue, but his oddly thorough wiki page details all of his appearances. He was last seen onscreen in the Season 8 episode "Do Not Lead Us Astray," where he survived the Saviors' tainted weapons/delayed onset walker attack at Hilltop. The wiki claims he made it back to Alexandria, where he died of old age, hopefully surrounded by some of his 12 grandchildren.

He's the one shielding his eyes in this still from Season 7:

Curtis Jackson, The Walking Dead

Curtis Jackson, The Walking Dead

Gene Page/AMC

Some fans on Reddit are tongue-in-cheekily outraged by Bob's death ("They keep killing all the best characters. I'm fucking done with this show"), while OP FightTheDead118 demands justice, writing, "This old ass man managed to survive every major event from Season 5 on, the Wolves, the horde, the Savior visits, both Alexandria attacks, and the Hilltop attacks and you expect me to believe he died of 'natural causes,' malarkey i say."

But others just admire him for lasting as long as he did. "Dying of natural causes in a zombie apocalypse is perhaps the most badass thing one can do," user crybannanna writes. He outlived the other Curtis Jackson, in a sense.

R.I.P. to a real one.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.