The Voice sent home Aaron Gibson from Team Miley Cyrus and Brendan Fletcher from Team Adam Levine Tuesday, which wasn't surprising. Aaron's performance Monday reinforced how out of his league he was despite hanging on for weeks. Brendan is a very capable and likable singer but his range hardly matched some of the best in the competition. One other contestant who was on the brink of elimination was saved, moving on to the finals. Who is it, and how did the night go? Here's how it unfolded — and who you'll see in next week's finals.

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Billy Gilman - Team Adam

Saved first, because obviously. A serious contender for the crown, Billy practically had everyone crying rhinestones after putting his showmanship on display Monday. He's amazing.

Billy GilmanBilly Gilman

Sundance Head - Team Blake Shelton

Saved second, which is kind of a symbolic travesty because Sundance shouldn't follow anyone. He's like a living jukebox, able to play country, soul, R&B, gospel and pretty much everything with passion and skill. This is almost certainly coming down to him or Billy.

Sundance HeadSundance Head

We' McDonald - Team Alicia Keys

Saved third. That makes sense. She's good — very good actually, especially considering she's only 17 — and deserves her spot in the finals.

We McDonaldWe McDonald

That left Ali Caldwell, Team Miley; Christian Cuevas, Team Alicia and Josh Gallagher on Team Adam to compete for a slot. It became apparent right away who'd advance, based on their performances: Christian, touching as he is, was a bit dull with "I Can't Make You Love Me," and Ali, perhaps crumbling under nerves and too much passion, wobbled a little with "Sledgehammer." Josh played it safe though, sailing smoothly through "I Drive Your Truck." So he's going to the finale!

Josh GallagherJosh Gallagher

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.