Sundance Head is officially the winner of The VoiceSeason 11.

As many fans could have predicted, the final two came down to Sundance Head from Team Blake and Team Adam's Billy Gilman — but ultimately the country jack of all trades with the killer iTunes sales score was able to take home the top prize. It was the first time that Shelton was able to coach a singer to No. 1 since Season 7 four years ago, but the country singer has now added another win to his belt and retains his title as The Voice coach with the most winning seasons.

Billy Gilman came in second place after a stunning duet with Kelly Clarkson singing "It's Quiet Uptown" from the Hamilton mixtape. Billy definitely has the pipes, and definitely gave Sundance a run for his money but at the end of the day Sundance had more tricks to pull out of his hat.

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We McDonald came in third place after a powerful and fun duet with John Legend, but it wasn't enough to get into the final two. Of all the artists though, McDonald has the least to worry about in terms of a post-show career because she and coach Alicia Keys have one of the closest relationships the show has ever forged. Since all four finalists were gifted with state-of-the-art recording studios in their homes for making it to the finale, we can imagine that We' and Keys are going to be keeping in touch after the show.

Josh Gallagher brought up the rear in fourth, probably thanks to having to split his Team Adam favor with Billy. Hopefully, he can also put that studio to use and give Adam a call if he needs help pushing out his next EP.

Did your favorite take home the prize?

The Voice returns in February on NBC with Gwen Stefani rejoining the coach lineup in Miley Cyrus' spot.