The Voice The Voice

Did it feel as though The Voice used the majority of its wow factor in last week's premiere? A little. To these ears, it took a good 40 minutes before some real talent hit that stage. And it sure felt like the coaches were hitting their buttons, more often than not, out of curiosity rather than excitement this time. Someone who dares sing "Hey, Soul Sister"? A girl duo? Sure, let's see!

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In any case, the blind audition rounds are over, and each coach has a roster of eight. What's peculiar is how they chose the eight. About 20 minutes before the end, Carson announced that only Cee Lo had managed to fill his team. In other words, the show ran out of contestants! Were there auditions viewers didn't see, or did producers really only choose a few dozen singers in the hopes that every single one would be snapped up by the four judges? Either way, it came off like poor planning.

So, after the coaches had already rejected them as "the voice," several contestants were trotted back to try again because, well, there was no one left to trot out! Christina wound up throwing a lifeline to Lily Elise, who did a way overwrought version of "If I Ain't Got You," and Blake rescued Jared Blake, who was probably the most solid of the second-chance contestants.

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Then there was Adam. Poor Adam, who had been so picky about those who made his roster, was forced to take on two people who hadn't really impressed him the first time. Casey Weston's "Stupid Boy" wasn't so bad, and she has an interesting voice, but didn't Adam seem downright dejected, smacking down his button in let's-just-get-it-over-with fashion after seconds of Angela Wolff's OK version of "Rolling in the Deep"?

What do you think? Do you think The Voice should have pooled more contestants? Or are you OK with giving these singers a second chance?