Adam Levine was having a rough go of it on The Voice Monday — getting deep into the program without anybody on his team to call his own. Things were looking pretty bad for him for a while there, what with contestants like TSoul going to competitors (in his case Alicia Keys).

But just when it started to look like Adam was going to end the night with a hole on his team bigger than that hole in his jeans, his luck started to change — and he owed it all to two talented teenagers.

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First was Hanna Eyre, a 15-year-old who's already an experienced piano teacher. Singing Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," she showed some impressive control and range. Hers was a fairly standard cover until the middle, when she threw in some muscular vocal gymnastics and sassy runs. It worked, prompting Adam to say he was "going to claw, and I'm going to fight," to have her on his team. "You are miraculously talented and I'm blown away by what you do."

Then along came Nala Price, a 17-year-old Floridian who, to be honest, didn't look like she was going to get a turn in her introduction. (Clearly proving why the entire point of The Voice is to keep coaches from looking at singers.) She seemed shy — and that attempt at re-creating an English accent didn't inspire much confidence in her performance ability, TBH. She stepped out on that stage though, and all the doubt vanished. Bold enough to do Adele ("Send My Love"), no less, Nala mostly sailed through her rendition, even though she wobbled a bit in maintaining some notes. Still, she's got a mesmerizing purity and clarity to her voice and can likely be turned into a force to watch with some coaching. She joined Team Adam too.

What did you think of their performances?

The Voice airs again Tuesday and Wednesday at 8/7c on NBC.