Oh how we love us some Miley Cyrus. Despite her penchant for aggressive twerking and random object licking, Miley brought major substance as a coach on The Voice this season, demonstrating in-depth expertise of the music business and her own vocal badassery. (Seriously, that girl can sing.)

She's brought a maternal BFF vibe that's had her wrapping members of her team into the folds of her free-spirited heart while giving them sound advice and encouraging them to let their freak flags fly. She has also, as you might have noticed, rocked some bonkers outfits. Here, I've collected 11 of her most outrageous looks from Season 11, which comes to a close Dec. 13.

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1. Versace in Space
Miley's blazer-as-dress is chic, fun and totally giving the kind of '90s neon realness the legendary Gianni Versace was known for back in the day. While many would've balanced this loud piece by keeping everything else muted, Miley opted for metallic silver knee-high boots and cheeky dime-store looking accessories. Love it.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Nov. 22 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Nov. 22

2. Rockabilly Pop
Catch how Miley breathes new life into the classic rockabilly, Grand Ole Opry look with some subtle pop flourishes — her mismatched nails, and those clear acrylic earrings. Homegirl knows her way around an accessory bin.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Nov. 22 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Nov. 22

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3. Raver Gone Wild
Here Miley brings some of her most cherished, go-to reference points: rainbows, glitter and stoner imagery via the reimagined smiley faces on her frock. This isn't just any old crazy dress though: HH stands for Happy Hippy Foundation, the non-profit she started to benefit homeless youth, LGBT youth and other at-risk groups. Ugh. LOVE her.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Nov. 15 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Nov. 15

4. Ill Nana
This '70s-inspired look is part Auntie Mame and part your Granny taking fresh made banana bread to her friends at the retiree's club. All that's missing is the clear bonnet.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Nov. 14 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Nov. 14

5. Miley Dot Com
This one's kind of uninspired by Miley standards but hey, those days on set are probably long and she does have a job to do after all. That dress is cute on her — making her look a little like a confectionary cake topper — and then she polishes off the ensemble with hooker heels, which is genius. What's the thread here though? I'm guessing a lack of sleep.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Oct. 3 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Oct. 3

6. Disco Diva
Superfly! The pattern, the bold color, the dramatic fullness of it: it works.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Oct. 10 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Oct. 10

7. "I'm Not That Innocent"
What makes Miley's style so sick is her ability to completely transform and live out a new persona with every outfit. Here she's giving "teenager working an amusement park in summer" realness, right down to the bow and 99 cent store lip gloss. For someone who thrives on pushing boundaries, appearing subdued is the ultimate subversive statement, and she pulls it off here.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Oct. 25 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Oct. 25

8. Flower Child
Perhaps her most memorable look this season: denim on denim festooned with totally impractical fake flowers... and plastic platform heels swiped from Barbie's closet.

<p>Miley Cyrus, Sept. 16 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Sept. 16

9. Ratchet Bozo Queen
It wasn't that long ago that Miley was going through a thoroughly exciting, slightly shocking phase in which she borrowed really heavily from hip-hop's ratchet/strip-club culture. And while this writer found her sporting grills and Tupac dresses thrilling, she got called to the carpet for cultural appropriation and has since toned that down. It appears, though, that she didn't send all her suburban gangsta props down to Goodwill, rocking some very conspicuous Team Miley hater blockers with, what is that, a gay clown's formal tie? Whatever Miley. Do you!

<p>Miley Cyrus, Nov. 7 </p>

Miley Cyrus, Nov. 7

10. Thrifty Heiress
This trippy patterned blouse is cunningly deceptive: it's equal parts back of the thrift store or the kind of eccentric hot mess the daughter of wealthily scion wears for a night out in Ibiza. I honestly have no clue at all what she's going for here; between the hair, blue eye shadow and that Grimace-colored skirt our darling Miley is taking "I got dressed in the dark" to epic new heights here.

<p>Miley Cyrus. Nov. 28 </p>

Miley Cyrus. Nov. 28

11. Pride and No Prejudice
God bless you Miley. Never change.

<p>Miley Cyrus, March 22 </p>

Miley Cyrus, March 22

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.