Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera

Why does Christina Aguilera look so different?
You might say that Aguilera is becoming less of a diva. During the live episodes airing now, the Voice coach has been showing off a svelter figure and a streamlined wardrobe, hair and makeup to match. NYC-based exercise physiologist Johanna Pryluck, who does not work with the star, says it appears that Aguilera has dropped around 25 pounds since the audition and battle rounds that were taped last winter. "There's a big difference in her overall tone, but especially in her arms and face," says Pryluck, who attributes the change to a likely program of "vigorous cardio four to fives times a week plus strength training and a diet of lean protein, whole grains and as little processed food as possible." Sing it!

Should castoffs from other singing shows be allowed to compete on The Voice?
Last season, American Idol reject Frenchie Davis competed for Team Christina. And this year, Jordis Unga, fifth runner-up in the 2005 singing competition Rock Star: INXS, is belting it out for Team Blake. But does someone who's already had a shot at fame — using the same format — really deserve another go? A spokesperson for The Voice declined to comment, but according to Bill Carroll, a media analyst for Katz TV Group, all's fair in love and reality TV. "The Voice is a place for second chances — it's not meant to be just for amateurs," he says. After all, many of the competitors have lapsed recording contracts — heck, former Mouse­keteer Tony Lucca even used to share a stage with Aguilera. And just because they didn't break out the first time they were given national exposure doesn't mean that it can't still happen for vets like Jordis, says Carroll: "This is a very fickle business that comes down to luck, timing and choices. It's certainly still a possibility that she'll make it."

Is Cee Lo Green too creepy with the female contestants?
It's no secret that Green is a flirt, but lately the eccentric coach has outdone himself. Case in point: After Juliet Simms' slam-dunk performance of "Roxanne" on the April 9 episode, Aguilera and Blake Shelton raved about Juliet's gravelly voice, while Adam Levine lamented not scoring her for his own team. When Green's turn rolled around, he spent several squirm-inducing seconds speechless in his chair, grinning and making googly eyes at his mentee. We can't fault him for digging a pretty face, but he may want to keep in mind he's being paid for his musical chops — not to lick his chops.

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