This final season of The Vampire Diaries has placed a curious amount of emphasis on the ringing of bells, so we should've known all of that was just a large form of foreshadowing for the moment when wedding bells would finally start to ring.

Of course, the happy occasion in question is meant to both celebrate love and to draw out the demons — or demon, make that singular — but it's no less exciting all the same.

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) is back in Mystic Falls, haunting and hunting in the shadows, and our heroes have a plan to lure her out of hiding once and for all for the show's penultimate episode.

After Friday's installment sappily re-upped Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King)'s engagement, just as the keys to Hell were handed to Katherine, the gang's plan to get Steroline hitched at long last is formed and they'll need to make it the happiest set of nuptials to ever grace the town if they want to get Ms. Pierce outta hiding and, ultimately, outta town.

"We throw the one party Katherine would never miss," teases Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in the preview. "Who doesn't love a wedding? ... She's obsessed with Stefan. We shove Stefan's happiness in her face. She won't be able to control herself."

<em>The Vampire Diaries</em>, The CWThe Vampire Diaries, The CW

Indeed, from the looks of the dead wedding guests and house explosions, she won't handle the happy news very well.

Even with the drama and danger underlying this rushed wedding ceremony, there's no one who can plan an epic celebration quite like Caroline Forbes, so Steroline fans are sure to get just enough goo and gush to make it worth the wait... you know, before all Hell breaks loose with Katherine Pierce (again).

The Vampire Diaries airs Friday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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