The Vampire Diaries viewers can be divided into two camps: Steroline fans and Klaroline fans.

While both shipper groups just want the best for Caroline Forbes (Candice King), they have very different ideas of what that looks like. Steroline fans root for her to end up with Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), while Klaroline fansroot for her to end up with Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan).

But which camp do the actors fall into?

"I've never been a fan of the Caroline and Klaus relationship," King tells "I still don't get it. I just thought he was this really mean, bad guy who just kept buying her pretty things and just being mean to all the people that she loved. Everyone was like, 'That's so romantic.' No, it's not! This is terrible!"

Wesley also fails to grasp what inspires the devoted Klaroline fandom. "I have no idea what Klaus brings to a relationship," the actor admits. "Next!"

Luckily for the stars, it looks like King, Wesley and the rest of the Steroline fans are going to be very happy with the way The Vampire Diaries wraps up Caroline's love live, since she and Stefan recently got engaged and began planning their fated June wedding.

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"I've always loved Stefan and Caroline's relationship. I think those pros are that he's not out to murder his entire family and all of her friends," King jokes.

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