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The Vampire Diaries: What Brings Tyler Back to Mystic Falls?

Or should we say "who"?

Sadie Gennis

For its final season, The Vampire Diaries plans on bringing back many fan-favorite characters for one last goodbye, so it comes as no surprise that we haven't seen the last of Tyler Lockwood.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Michael Trevino will first appear in the third episode of the upcoming eighth season. And no, it's not so that he can attend his ex Caroline's (Candice King) wedding to Stefan (Paul Wesley) or anything like that. Rather, the episode will find Tyler reuniting with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) after their near-fatal run-in in Season 7.

​Michael Trevino, The Vampire Diaries
Bob Mahoney/The CW

Although Trevino officially left the CW series in Season 6, he returned briefly last year when Damon used him to get to Elena's (supposed) body. The rendezvous went horribly wrong when Damon, under the influence of the Phoenix Stone, torched the decoy coffin and beat Tyler to a bloody pulp. And when Tyler eventually woke up from his coma, he transformed into a werewolf and nearly gored Damon to death. Awkward!

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Now, Tyler will once again encounter a mentally unstable Damon, who will still be suffering the consequences from his time in the Armory's vault. Tyler will do his best to reason with Damon in this tricky situation, but seeing as the last two times this duo saw each other, one of them nearly wound up dead, we don't put too much weight behind Tyler's crisis negotiation skills.

So here's to hoping Tyler makes it out of this encounter -- and the season -- alive. He's made it this far already. He can survive another 16 episodes.

The Vampire Diaries returns Friday, Oct. 21 at 8/7c on the CW.

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