It's a tough time for Steroline fans. The Vampire Diaries' midseason finale will find Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) faced with their final 24 hours together before Stefan is forced to become a literal servant of Satan.

But instead of focusing on Steroline's unknown future, let's think about the happier times — the bunny hunting, the dancing, the adorable cuddle sessions! We've already rounded up our favorite Steroline moments, but which hold a special place in Wesley's and King's hearts?

"There's one where we're still friends. We weren't romantic at this point. She had just become a vampire and I was teaching her how to be a vampire in the bathroom," Wesley recalls. "She was freaking out and Stefan was comforting her. I think that was the scene where the writers were like, 'Oh, OK. Maybe these two could be a romantic pairing.'"

Check out more of the stars' favorite Steroline moments in the video above, and learn about what's next for the couple in our interview with Candice King!

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