Eight seasons. 171 episodes. Countless heartbreaking, tear-jerking, swoon-inducing, knee-slapping, jaw-dropping moments.

The Vampire Diaries has given us so much over the years, and we've loved every second of that. And so as the CW drama prepares to say goodbye, we've decided there's no better time than to look back on some of our all-time favorite TVD moments - the ones that we've re-watched again and again, and the ones that we'll never soon forget.

(Note: These are in no particular order, because they are all equally perfect and how can you rank pure greatness?)

1. "Hello brother." Iconic moment. Iconic line. Iconic delivery. Iconic entrance. Iconic all around.

2. Stefan (Paul Wesley) helps Caroline (Candice King) with being a vampire. Although Caroline joked about their fated June wedding long before this, Stefan helping Caroline cope with being a vampire is the true birth of Steroline.

3. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) says "I love you." Even the most die-hard Stelena fans had to be questioning their allegiances when Damon declared his love but then compelled Elena (Nina Dobrev) to forget it.

4. The Klaroline horse drawing. Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) grand gesture of love for Caroline came in the form of a drawing of her and a horse. It was funny and romantic all at once, just like our favorite Original.

5. Elena burns down the Gilbert house. After Jeremy's (Steven R. McQueen) death, we knew Elena was going to go to a dark place, but we were not prepared for her to turn off her humanity and burn down her entire house!

6. Damon and Elena have their first dance. Do you feel that? Those are pure sparks, people! This is what true love looks like (even if Elena didn't know it yet).

7. Klaus kills Tyler's (Michael Trevino) mom. We didn't even like Carol Lockwood that much, but watching Klaus drown her to punish Tyler was one of the most heartbreaking and shocking deaths this show ever delivered.

8. The Delena rain kiss. No Vampire Diaries best of list would be complete without the show's most romantic makeout sesh of all time.

9. Steroline June wedding. Who ever could have guessed that this throwaway line in the pilot would become the mantra for an entire fandom, and even potentially become reality!

10. Klaus tries to get inside the Gilbert house. Klaus was a bad dude, sure. But his way of doing evil was so goddamn funny that we loved him for it.

11. Katherine takes the cure. Katherine's fight to gain immortality took a shocking turn once Elena forced the Cure down her throat.

12. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) pulls the stake out. Remember when we were all so naïve and though all vampires could be killed by a stake to the heart? That innocence was crushed in spectacular fashion when OG vampire and newbie on the Mystic Falls scene pulled out his own stake and came back to life!

13. Katherine cuts off John's (David Anders) fingers. The bitch is back! Katherine proved she always knows how to make an entrance when she chopped off John's fingers and stabbed him in the gut.

14. "I intend to be your last." Even if Klaroline isn't necessarily endgame, this is one of - if not the - most romantic lines ever uttered on TV. *swoons*

15. Damon comforts Rose. Rose was such a minor character, but her death was a major turning point for Damon, who revealed just how compassionate and selfless he truly is.

16. Damon and Elena's last dance. Before Kai put Elena in her magical coma, the pair said goodbye with one last dance in the spot where they met.

17. Alaric's (Matt Davis) real death. Even knowing Alaric will eventually return, we can't help but tear up watching BFFs Ric and Damon say goodbye and seek comfort in each other in their final moments together.

18. Elena becomes a vampire. Jaw, meet floor.

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