Usually fake rap — aka rap perpetrated by people who aren't rappers about subjects they don't think rap is supposed to be about — is terrible. And the worst subgenre of fake rap is nerd rap. Juxtaposing the swagger of hip-hop with the softness of nerd culture is a hacky, played-out joke.

HOWEVER! When fake rap is performed by a real rapper, as it was on Wednesday's Tonight Show by Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter, the lead vocalist of the Roots, it can be uproariously funny, and not wack in the slightest. In Black Thought's capable hands, a rap recap of the Game of Thrones premiere can have hip-hop heads saying: "it's lit."

In the clip, host Jimmy Fallon proposes that Black Thought recap the Season 6 premiere for Tonight Show viewers who missed the broadcast. So Black Thought runs down all the major plot points of the premiere in less than a minute: Jon Snow is still dead; Daenerys is captured by the Dothraki and sent to the Land of Widows; Melisandre is secretly old.

Honestly, if you missed last week's episode and won't get a chance to watch it before this Sunday, but still want to watch episode 2, Black Thought can get you up to speed in the most fire way possible.